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Egg Rate Today In Telangana

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date piece tray 100 pcs peti
Today ₹4.6 ₹138 ₹460 ₹966
28-02-2024 ₹4.6 ₹138 ₹460 ₹966
27-02-2024 ₹4.9 ₹147 ₹490 ₹1029
26-02-2024 ₹5 ₹150 ₹500 ₹1050
25-02-2024 ₹5.2 ₹156 ₹520 ₹1092
24-02-2024 ₹5.2 ₹156 ₹520 ₹1092
23-02-2024 ₹5.2 ₹156 ₹520 ₹1092
22-02-2024 ₹5.34 ₹160.2 ₹534 ₹1121
21-02-2024 ₹5.34 ₹160.2 ₹534 ₹1121
20-02-2024 ₹5.34 ₹160.2 ₹534 ₹1121
19-02-2024 ₹5.54 ₹166.2 ₹554 ₹1163
18-02-2024 ₹5.54 ₹166.2 ₹554 ₹1163
17-02-2024 ₹5.54 ₹166.2 ₹554 ₹1163
16-02-2024 ₹5.51 ₹165.3 ₹551 ₹1157
15-02-2024 ₹5.48 ₹164.4 ₹548 ₹1151
14-02-2024 ₹5.45 ₹163.5 ₹545 ₹1145
13-02-2024 ₹5.45 ₹163.5 ₹545 ₹1145
12-02-2024 ₹5.45 ₹163.5 ₹545 ₹1145
11-02-2024 ₹5.45 ₹163.5 ₹545 ₹1145
10-02-2024 ₹5.45 ₹163.5 ₹545 ₹1145
09-02-2024 ₹5.45 ₹163.5 ₹545 ₹1145
08-02-2024 ₹5.45 ₹163.5 ₹545 ₹1145
07-02-2024 ₹5.45 ₹163.5 ₹545 ₹1145
06-02-2024 ₹5.45 ₹163.5 ₹545 ₹1145
05-02-2024 ₹5.4 ₹162 ₹540 ₹1134
04-02-2024 ₹5.35 ₹160.5 ₹535 ₹1124
03-02-2024 ₹5.3 ₹159 ₹530 ₹1113
02-02-2024 ₹5.25 ₹157.5 ₹525 ₹1103
01-02-2024 ₹5.2 ₹156 ₹520 ₹1092
31-01-2024 ₹5.2 ₹156 ₹520 ₹1092

Last 30 Day Report

Price Up / Down - ₹0.6
Percentage - 11.54%
Today Rate ₹4.6
30 Days Ago Rate ₹5.2

Today Egg Price on Market

NECC Egg Price ₹4.6 ₹138
Whole Sale Rate ₹4.6 ₹138
Retail Rate ₹4.92 ₹147.6
Super Market Rate ₹5.01 ₹150.3

Telangana Egg Price Chart

Telangana Low & High Price Chart

Latest Egg Rate Today in Telangana

egg rate

The egg rate in Telangana changes every day as directed by NECC - this is done because like many everyday goods, eggs are produced every day and their shelf life is very short. Therefore, to bring in fresh ingredients every day, having an idea of the highest egg price as well as the lowest egg price in Telangana is essential. On this page, however, you can easily find the daily egg price for eggs per piece, per tray, and per century in Telangana.

Egg Rate Today (29 Feb 2024)

The rise in the egg rate in Telangana can lead to price changes in other related and unrelated commodities like milk, vegetables, etc. Sometimes the price up/down may symbolize large-scale economic change, inflation, petroleum price range change, etc.

Mostly, however, the NECC Egg Rate is governed voluntarily by the National Egg Coordination Committee. That being said, because Telangana has a high production of eggs, the egg rate in Telangana is quite stable. Many newcomers in this industry are trying to use the latest technology to further enhance the rate of egg production - which means the wholesale egg rate can go down shortly. The latest market price for Telangana Egg Rate is enclosed below:

Current Egg Rate - Daily and Monthly Egg Prices

India is the world's 3rd largest egg-production country. Most of the premium quality eggs in India - a huge part of which is produced in Telangana - are exported to famous retail brands and restaurant chains abroad. The Daily Egg Rate refers to the rate at which egg is sold that particular day. It fluctuates by a few paise each day. The monthly Egg Rate is the aggregate rate at which eggs are being sold in the last 30 days. NECC regulates Monthly Egg Prices by following a daily egg rate regulation strategy. If such a strategy is not followed, it will not be possible for customers to buy eggs at the more or less standard price - this also means the price of anything that includes eggs in the meal will fluctuate too.

Wholesale Egg Prices - Factors Affecting Wholesale Egg Rate

Wholesale eggs are sold to merchants and caterers who are either going to sell them further at retail shops or are going to make use of large-scale eggs to produce meals, bakery goods, alcohol, etc. Some premium wholesale brands only sell eggs to registered businesses, but you can easily buy eggs at traditional wholesale egg mandis - which however will expect you to purchase an enormous quantity!

Some of the major factors that have started affecting the egg rate in Telangana include:

Where to Buy Cheapest Eggs

one can purchase eggs from a variety of different places. In India, many poultry farmers preferred to sell their products themselves in the local market. Since these products are usually fresh and unpreserved, the local market is susceptible to the highest wholesale egg rate fluctuations. Many purchasers will however find wholesale traditional egg markets in India as the cheapest, as these farmers do not add any middle cost to the production. At the same time, there is room for negotiation.

There are many wholesale shops that, though not as cheap as traditional mandis, can guarantee the quality of the egg better. These sellers preserve eggs using excellent methods and curate large quantities of premium-quality eggs according to the demand of the customer. There are many wholesale egg shops in Telangana where customers can purchase eggs by showing their food license and their demand for large quantity purchase.

The retail egg rate is definitely much higher than the wholesale price. Retail egg rate suffers from fewer fluctuations as retailers usually perform with a buffer system. This way the general customers are not usually affected by the price rate fluctuation. It cannot disagree however that even the retail egg prices have been steadily increasing in Telangana over the past few years. Retail egg price is usually lesser in autonomous retail shops as compared with supermarket brands.

NECC Egg Rate - What Is The National Egg Coordination Committee?

Most poultry farms across India - even in big states like Telangana and West Bengal - are facing a loss of as great as 60% of the total cost of production. NECC wishes to take into account the situation in which most poultry farmers in India live and strike a balance between the needs of the poultry industry vs the purchasing power of the general consumer base.

NECC publishes the official NECC Egg Rate every day on its website, and these rates are used throughout the country for the sale and purchase of eggs. The heaviest impact of this shows in the wholesale buyers since they do not have as big a capacity to create a buffer system as retailers and supermarket sellers do. NECC is a price-regulating body that not only determines the Telangana egg rate today but also predicts the egg production of the future. Currently, it is conducting many research and development projects which are aimed at bettering the sale and production of eggs in the country. At the same time, these egg prices are not forced upon any seller, and individuals or companies can definitely sell or purchase eggs that do not match these prices.

The NECC (National Egg Coordination Committee) sets the egg rate every day in India. today's rate is ₹4.6. The current NECC egg rate today can be found on our website.

The egg rate can differ according to region, state, and city, and it changes frequently. As of today, the egg rate in major cities in Telangana is around ₹4.6 per egg, Per Tray ₹138.

As 1 Peti egg has 210 eggs, the current rate for 1 Peti egg today is ₹966

A: The lowest price of the egg is '29 February (₹4.6)', and the highest price is '19 February (₹5.54)'. However, it depends on the demand and supply of the eggs.

Yes, you can check the latest egg rate daily. Our website is available 24 hours, and we are frequently updating the prices according to the NECC report.